Mercator's projection

Mercator's projection
a map projection of the earth onto a cylinder; areas appear greater the farther they are from the equator
Hypernyms: ↑map projection

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Mercator's projection noun
A representation of the surface of the globe in which the meridians are parallel straight lines, the parallels straight lines at right angles to these, their distances such that everywhere degrees of latitude and longitude have the same ratio to each other as on the globe itself
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Mercator projection or Mercator's projection,
a method of drawing maps with parallel straight lines instead of curved lines for latitude and longitude. Mercator projection is useful in navigation, but the areas near the poles appear disproportionately large, because the latitudes increase in distance from each other as they approach the poles. »

The Mercator projection…is conformal, i.e., taking any small area, the shape of the regions is the same as on the globe (Erwin Raisz).

[< Gerhardus Mercator, 1512-1594, a Flemish cartographer]

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